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All Over The Moon - Jen Pumo All Over The Moon

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All Over The Moon Jen Pumo
Jen Pumo
All Over The Moon
Electro, Down-tempo, Indie
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Jen Pumo seamlessly draws from a constellation of influences including folk, idm, world and downtempo. Her music is centered on conveying moods and themes with penetrating, philosophical lyrics and cinemascopic, textural soundscapes. Twenty years at the piano and a strong desire to enchant and heal through music has provided her an axis to drive the force of her creations. Her critically lauded debut album, All Over The Moon, has been called intelligent and unfailingly compelling with a "depth of feeling that animates lyrics that are often as evocative as the sonic beds beneath them." Jen's many interests and passions stretch across a continuum of self-exploration, profound healing and the creation of community. She conveys her music and message with a strong core of talented musicians that vary in size and dynamics from show to show.
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Опубликовано Jen Pumo 26 октября 2009
Комментарии (7)
Just what i really needed.
27 мая 2010 06:27
Very good and good music! A voice is fascinating! :-)
13 нояб. 2011 17:32